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Kiara Lions

  • Born: April 2017
  • Origin: French circus
  • Arrival at Stichting Leeuw: May 2023

Kiara is a young but very large lion lady of 7 years old, with a background in a French circus. Presumably she never performed but was kept as a breeding animal.

She has a striking colour, and she is the first ‘white lion’ at Stichting Leeuw. She has a creamy white colour and striking bluish eyes.

Kiara seems to be in good health at the moment and was overjoyed when she was allowed to take the first steps in her spacious outside enclosure. She still needs some time to get used to it, but when she is comfortable, she is active and curious. She can roar like the best and the caretakers call her the living paper shredder, as her favorite activity is tearing up cardboard boxes and rolls into a million pieces. We hope to be able to match Kiara with a nice lion man in the future.

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