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Stichting Leeuw has big plans for the future of the felines at the shelter. All sheltered animals deserve a bright future and we try to relocate them to the most natural habitat possible. The care and relocation involve high costs, which is why we are asking for support.

To support us you can transfer a contribution to account number: NL49rabo0138186731 | BIC/SWIFT: raboNL24 (required for payments from abroad) Or check out one of the other options to support us below.

Relocating to South Africa

Many of the animals taken in come from a circus, privately. They have never been able to live in freedom as wild animals. Stichting Leeuw wants to bring the felines to an environment that approaches their natural habitat as closely as possible.

Animals in good physical and mental condition move from The Lion Foundation to our sister foundation, The Lions Foundation. Here, they are given access to large 1.5-hectare enclosures in as natural an environment as possible. Animals that do not benefit from this for whatever reason will stay with The Lions Foundation in the Netherlands. At The Lions Foundation, the animals are still fed and monitored 24/7.

Completely free is unfortunately not possible because these animals do not know their natural enemies, have not learned to take care of themselves and are too human-centric which can make it dangerous for humans and the animal. Also, some animals are de-clawed or have their teeth filed off, making them unable to hunt and defend themselves.